Take a look America, this is where we will be in 8 days! Our reliable government has thrown us to the dogs! The picture above is a list of where we are headed in a weeks time. Right now I’m sad to say I’m not PROUD to be an American. We are supposed to be the land of the free and the home of the brave but it seems to me that we are the land of the oppressed and the home of the GREEDY! Now I know that there are many other people in different countries that have to fight for things much more important than vaping but in my opinion there should be no fight what so ever. If the FDA and federal government want to have vaping regulations then make them to protect us not hurt us. Absolutely without a doubt all products should be child proof and yes a user should be 18 to purchase anything vape related but to cut off our choices and availability for vapor products is a horrendous intrusion on our freedom!

So, in anticipation of V day D day I will post some vaping prep tips through out the week on ways to weather the storm and hopefully it’s not long lasting.

That’s all for today and vape on! (while you still can!)


Where have I been?

Well folks it’s been quite a while. Just wanted to give an update on what is happening. What I have come to realize is that without the backing or sponsorship of a company things get expensive fast and eventually you just can’t afford to keep going. I have so much stuff I have purchased over time that juice I have tried and liked never got used until it was no good and devices sit until the juice in them are a gooey mess and yes that last part is probably bad house keeping on my part. They say that vaping is cheaper than smoking to a point but not when  your trying to keep up with the Jones’s. Reviewing can be done successfully if you have support or a butt load of cash and we have seen this all over the Web. I think what it takes is to be discovered and much more heavily involved in the industry than I probably am. It’s strange how fast vaping can go from recreation to obsession, to the point where it can consume you. For many the obsession is fine because these people don’t go it alone they have friends and family members that most likely vape as well. Personally I work a lot and have very little time with family, I can’t allow vaping to consume that time at home or the income needed for survival of my loved ones. I don’t mean buying vape juice over groceries, I mean taking the 20 bucks and going to a movie or instead of buying a new mod taking my family to a water park in the summer. Vaping like everything in life is about choices and for now it is my choice to lay low and only review things on what I receive not what I purchase for a while.

For now this is where I leave you, vape on and I’ll see you soon!

In Discussion: Repair or Replace

Hey everyone it’s Saturday! Today I wanted to discuss a way that vaping has evolved and it may be a way that not many people think about. Our personal vaporizer’s really have a hard life they get knocked over, put in and out of pockets, and on occasion get dropped. But we also have normal ware and tear that can cause our products to not work as well as they once did. So with a that said and this will mainly be with tanks what do we do when these misfortunes happen?

With the evolution of tanks we have found them to be a little more complex. Instead of just replacing a prebuilt coil we can modify and change many other aspects of today’s tanks. Many products come with extra o-rings, glass, drip tips, adapters, and coil options which is much different than the tanks of yesteryear. Tanks can be disassembled for much better cleaning and the ability to change worn or defective parts. We have also noticed that prices have come up as well and a lot of this is reflective of atomizers being built out of much better materials and allowing more advanced options. The days of a ce4 or evod tank have passed and I’m not trying to say that they still aren’t being used but newbies now are leaning towards a much better product.

I think that the greatest option offered is now being able to buy parts. This entry is inspired by my kanger subtank mini v1 that was damaged when my device dropped to the ground. Not only was the glass broken but the connecting pin was almost snapped off. Now this fall damage was not due to poor craftsmanship but to the circumstances of the drop. Immediately I hopped online looking for a replacement but to my surprise I found that unlike the tanks I have purchased in the past I had the option to buy just the parts I needed at the fraction of the price of a new tank. I thought to myself what a great idea why wasn’t this more available in the past? But in the end it didn’t matter why, the only thing that mattered was my tank was salvageable!

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Vape On!

Hardware Review: UD Zephyrus Part 2

Ok the results are in, this thing is officially the biggest piece of shit I have ever wasted my money on. I attempted a simple build today 24g 8 wraps 2mm dual coil because it doesn’t allow for a single. The post screws keep loosening up while I tried to build on it, wicking is an absolute nightmare, and in the end my build didn’t even fit. Now I’m sure if I had used smaller gauge wire it may be different but I feel that this tank is supposed to appeal to those who are into subohm and new to building because of the build option availability. In not sure if I even want to waste my time in money on the second version of this tank or even but prebuilts for the one I have. Maybe if UD sent me the version 2 for free I would possibly review it but for now I don’t think I will be buying anything else from this company.

So give me your thoughts and comments, maybe I just got a bum tank. For now this is where I angrily leave you, vape on!

Hardware Review: UD Zephyrus V1


Okay it’s been a while, hopefully everyone is doing well. For this review I’m going to break the “testing” section into two parts. So let’s get started.

Packaging and Appearance:
Really not much to say on this. The tank comes in a plastic case with some foam really nothing fancy. As far as the style of the tank is concerned it’s pretty boring. It has the name laser etched into the top and that’s it. It does look sleek but not really much going on.

What’s included:
The package contains 1- assembled tank, 1- glass replacement, 2- sets of extra sealing rings, 1- drip tip heat sink, 1- rba deck, 1- extra top fill plug, and 1- pre-built .3 ohm cool

The tank uses a standard 510 drip tip that is rifled. It has adjustable air flow on the base with a removable ring. Top fill is accessible by unscrewing the top and removing the plug. By unscrewing the bottom you can replace the coil and remove the glass. It offers the option of pre-built coils or a build. It has a nice 5ml juice capacity. The tank can be broke down for ease of cleaning. The included heat sink is nice for a cooler vape.

My Thoughts and Testing part 1:

So far I have uses this tank for about 10 minutes with the pre-built coil. The coil has about zero flavor and is packed so tight that a decent draw is about impossible. So far I couldn’t be more disappointed. I absolutely hate the drip tip because of its length and the removable air flow ring annoys the crap out of me. At this point I wouldn’t even bother giving this away. Top fill is great but you have to screw around with the stupid plug which is fine if your sitting on the couch.

So once I have a chance to try the rba I’ll post my thoughts on the second part of testing. For now this thing gets a 10 on my P.O.S. scale. I understand that I may have gotten a defective coil and I hope this isn’t the q.c. you can expect from UD.

This is where I leave you for today. If you have had a better experience with this tank or company I would love to hear about it. Give me a like and follow if you are enjoying my content. Vape On!

Hardware Review: Smok TFV4 Sub-Ohm Tank


Today’s review is on the MONSTEROUS Smok TFV4 tank. Just about everything on this tank is huge and I’m kicking myself in the ass for not getting one of these sooner. So we will run down what comes in the kit, pros and cons, and then my final thoughts. This tank has become immensely popular and I can see why. The cloud production is killer and the flavor is on point. So let’s get started.

The kit includes:
1- tank
2- pre-built coils (1-quad at 0.15ohm 1-triple at 0.2ohm)
1- glass replacement
1- rba
1- bag of cotton
2- vape bands
1- screwdriver
2- o-rings
1- top seal

The tank features a top fill design with just a simple swivel you can top off your tank while on the go. This thing has massive adjustable air flow for huge clouds. The drip tip has adjustable air flow along with four fairly large slots on the base which is also adjustable. Big coils and I mean BIG. These have to be the biggest coils I have ever had in my hand, they offer superior juice flow and due to size are easily installed in the base especially if you have big hands. The tanks juice capacity is 5ml which is not the biggest capacity out there but enough to give you enough use between fill ups. The overall style is attractive, nice engraving and complimentary texture. The drip tip is removable and will accept any 510 unlike the Aspire Atlantis 2.

As we all know nothing is perfect but this design comes close. I’m not sure if it is just mine but the bottom air flow ring seems loose and kind of wiggles around. Large coils means more money for replacements. This tank wants a lot of power so if you plan to purchase one make sure you have a mod to push it. This thing is a drinker so I would of liked to see maybe a 7ml capacity.

Final Thoughts:
This tank is amazing but definitely not for a beginner. It requires a lot of power which is good and bad, it’s nice to have a sub-ohm tank that can handle 80w but if you have a 50w mod it just isn’t going to work to its full potential. I have always been a bottom fill guy and this top fill design has definitely pushed me to prefer top fill. I am really enjoying this tank and if you have a mod to push it you will to with out a doubt.

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Hardware Review: Haus Craft Collection Sub-Ohm Mod Kit By Mistic


Today we will take a look at the Sub-Ohm kit pictured above. I used this set up for a few days and vaped it forward to a family member who wants to start vaping. So let’s cover my reaction to the few days I used it. It is fairly basic to really anything out now. The design from my point of view is compiled from a few different companies. The mod is comfortable to hold and is really lite. The display has nice large numbers which include your set wattage, coil resistance, and voltage output. The display is also nice and bright to make it a little easier to read. The tank is bottom fill with replaceable coil option. It has a removable drip tip and adjustable air flow. There are two small windows to view juice level when filling or in use.

Let’s check out what’s included in the kit:
1- 1300mah 30w mod
1- 2ml sub-ohm tank
2-.3ohm coils
1- charging cord
1- instruction booklet

Additional options :
Coils can be purchased in packs of five. If you would like a spare tank one can be purchased without buying a complete kit. They also have a Craft Collection line of juice which I have not tried but may purchase some with the special which I will talk about later.

Like I had said the mod design stems from what I see is two companies. The mod shape reminds me of Dovpo which is a comfortable design. Also there is an option to charge a phone or other device like our good friends at Innokin have done numerous times with the mvp line, I look at this as a little unique feature that makes it more appealing to some buyers. This mod kit’s biggest selling point is accessibility. It is offered at Speedway gas stations, Walmart, and Walgreens to name a few and I believe most of them are open 24hrs. So when you burn out your last coil instead of buying a pack of smokes you can grab yourself 5 brand new coils and there are not a lot of mods you can do that with usually you are waiting till the vape shop opens the next day. I think that this option will grow the number of Vapors and their success because it is a reasonable option with better access than your typical B&m. The price on this thing is excellent especially this month on Mistics Web site,right now they are offering 64% off for the month of March making the cost of this mod kit $18.00 and you get a bonus gift. Im not sure if you can walk into a shop and leave with a 30w variable wattage mod kit for that price. The tank is mostly steel so that adds an element of durability. The vapor production is fair but definitely gives good flavor compared to other sub-ohm tanks I have used in the past. The drip tip is a standard removable 510 and fits other drip tips quite nicely. I don’t know if the tank will work with other mods but I definitely know the mod will work with other tanks. The choice of resistance of 0.3ohms is a solid quality build for a sub-ohm set up.

To an experienced vaper this kit has some down falls. Sub-ohm tanks are juice drinkers and the 2ml capacity leaves you constantly refilling the tank so it would have been nice to have at least a 4ml capacity. The two small windows make it difficult to see how much juice you have left in the tank and makes it hard when refilling. What I found with refilling is to take a pause and check the level. Due to the tanks compact size filling can be a challenge, the chimney flares out at the bottom where the coil screws in so a small dropper tip is needed to make filling a little easier. There is not a rba option like there are with most sub-ohm tanks. Thermal expansion kind of kicks this things ass, I noticed that after using the mod the connector expands and will not screw off by hand easily. I checked all the threads and they were clean. The mod itself has a few things that doesn’t necessarily make it terrible but I feel need attention. Battery capacity is a biggie, 1300mah at 30w just doesn’t last all that long so I would of liked to see maybe 2000mah. The buttons feel a little chinsy but are solid. Finally, a rubber finish would have really made the feel of this device a lot better considering the tank is or feels heavier than the mod.

Final Thoughts:
This kit is a great value for what you get. Personally as an experienced vapor this doesn’t really appeal to me anymore and that’s why I Vaped it forward but I do think this would be a great intro to a vaper who wants to get into a sub-ohm set up. Due to its availability this kit is a good option in a pinch for someone more experienced if they needed to get by say during travel and all other available options have failed. So with that said for a meer $18.00 on their website and using coupon code team 64 you can pick this up and check it out yourself.

For now this is where I leave you. If you have tried this device or have any questions leave a comment, I am always excited to see what my readers have to say! If you like the content I’m writing give me a follow. As always vape on and continue the climb on being smoke free!